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A travel wallet to guide you through your journey, with best possible user experience for travelers to manage your travel expense without hassle.

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  • Popsical works on iPhone 5+ and iOS 9+
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Key features

    Your Travel Companion
  • Meet Popsicle - your travel expense tracker for all your domestic and international trips. Add new trips, categorise budgets and analyse your expenses with just a tap.
  • Categories
  • No more collecting receipts in folders or pockets! How much did you spend on food or commute? Track your expenses by customising them into different categories!
  • Instant Currency Conversion
  • Enjoy real-time currency conversions at the palm of your hands! Key in your expenses in any currency and the app automatically converts expense values into your base currency.
  • Alerts
  • Plan your trip, build an itinerary and set your budget! Before each trip, receive alerts on your phone to track your daily expenses and keep tabs of your overall budget.
  • Analyse Your Expenses
  • At the end of your trip, get an overall view of your expenses and their breakdowns - expense, category and budgetary changes to analyse your expenditure and savings!
  • Summary
  • Organise your expenses by trip, set yourself a budget and track expenses on the go! Get a summary of your travel expenses with detailed breakdowns, while you enjoy customisable export options!

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