Rebuilding the new home for Raceconcept


Role Design, Development, Wordpress
Client Race Concept
Website Link Very sooooon

Race Concepts is a team that seeks to revolutionize Indian motorsport with a combination of eclectic talent, a passion for motorsport and an eye for innovation.

The new site offers a simplified yet more engaging experience through recirculation modules which are displayed contextually. The design system allows for multiple featuring layouts to combine editorial selection gave a good racing impact. To reflect the revolutionary of the racing the method and brand, I designed an energetic digital experience through a bold combination of typography, imagery and page transitions. With an immersive navigation system and a dynamic page layout that is enhanced by the playful typography and inspiring kinetic photography.

Throughout the project you constantly feel like we are in safe hands.

Joel – Race Concept Head

Beyond elevating Race Concept and telling the brand story, the web and the app design had very functional goals. Making it easy to get to a navigate through the Racing tracks was given top priority during the UX design phase.

Functionally-focused, elegant animations provide hints on where to go next—making both navigating the site and browsing the work effortless and enjoyable.